Sunday, June 12, 2016

Drive Hard

Drive Hard is a movie where no one drives hard at all. In fact, most of the “car chases” that happen in this movie look slow speed. For some reason Thomas Jane keeps “shifting” an automatic by slamming on the break and moving the gear selector.

The acting is atrocious by everyone involved. I’m not actually sure there was even a whole scene’s worth of dialogue written for this thing. Every scene with Cusack and Jane seem like they’re literally making it up on the spot. And I’m not sure John Cusack actually knows what a burner phone is, but he sure has a lot of them!

Anyway they set Jane up as a race car driver by buying some stock footage of a “race” but he marries some hauty-taughty woman who wants him to grow up. Cusack teaching Jane the meaning of being a man. Haha just kidding, Cusack teaches nothing and Jane just seem to randomly decide that he wants to be a man now and what??

Oh, and Jane owes people money at the beginning of the film and then it’s never mentioned again.

The set design was shit, the costuming was shit, you could tell when they were in front of a green screen and the lighting kept changing at random. Oh and don't forget the motorcycle exploding from one bullet, the VERY CGI motorcycle.

This movie made me hate John Cusack more than any other movie.


Our recording this time was not that great. We are trying dammit but we aren’t professional podcasters. I need to get a second mic.

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