Monday, June 6, 2016

London Boulevard

New Week, new format.

Every week Meaghan and I will talk over a bad Netflix movie. It’s like you’re right here in the living room with us as we talk about everything from cooking to what’s been going on…oh yeah and we might talk about the film as well.

We will be recording our first viewing only. No scripts, no studying. Just the two of us, a film, and the thoughts that come to our head. We could have seen the movie before but it has to have been a while ago.

The first film is called London Boulevard. It was bad but I think we made it better.

Here’s the link to the soundcloud.

London Boulevard

Every movie starts with production credits, so that will be our cue. The audio will sync up to when I say “now” (you’ll know because I’ll talk about it) at the very end of the FIRST production credit.
1. Start the film, let it run until the first production credit goes to black. PAUSE the Netflix stream AS SOON as the screen goes black. This is where I will say “NOW”
2. Play our audio. We will talk for a bit because that’s what we’ll do. Then I will say ‘NOW”
3. The moment I say “now” is when you will UNPAUSE the Netflix stream, and they should be synced close enough to enjoy our terrible commentary. 

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