Monday, July 4, 2016

American Dreamz

Dreams with a Z...its in the song, yes there’s a song called American Dreamz in the movie called American Dreamz.

So we are doing something a little different this week, we are doing two separate blogcasts. The original voice-over version where we watch the movie, and a second 5-10 minute recap of the film so you can hear our lovely voices and our opinions without having to actually watch the damn thing.

This movie has everything
·         Dennis Quaid as George W; which was terrible
·         Willem Dafoe as Cheney; which was amazing that they got him in a fat suit but also terrible
·         Marcia Gay Harden as the first lady; which was dumb and their ending was DUMB
·         Chris Klien SINGS!
·         This is probably the best Hugh Grant can do these days
·         Jennifer Coolidge completely underutilized as the mom
·         Seth Meyers as the talent agent (also unterutilized because a Meyers/Coolidge make-out scene would have been amazing)
·         John Cho and Judy Greer shine in their small parts, wish there was more of them
·         All the Riza's were good, just hate the terrorist angle
·         Oh and Mandy Moore can play a total bitch perfectly

Some things I didn’t mention in the recap that I really wanted to (but forgot).
·         For a show where they’re getting 92% of EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC you think their stage would be a little bit bigger than it was.
·         Why did it take over an hour for a movie called American Dreamz to get to the actual part of the movie that was American Dreamz??
·         Dennis Quaid ends up in a bedroom full of books and newspaper’s hoarder style but there is no sense of time passed so like…how long has that man been in his PJs?
·         Hugh Grant was supposed to be the Simon of American Dreamz but he’s the only judge, how did they not get like two or three other people to sit up there with him??

At the end of the movie everything “works out” for everyone and it makes no sense. I really wish they would have focused on more of the show aspect of the movie because that’s the story I actually liked. The fact that the whole American Dreamz contest was basically a montage was shit. This thing should have been a solid 3 stars if they had dropped the president and focused on the contestants Drop Dead Gorgeous style.

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