Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ava’s Possessions

This week Meaghan and I watch another film for the Halloween month of October. Ava’s Possessions is attempting to be a campy possession movie that doesn’t really have very much possession in it. It’s some weird memento “piece the event together” type of thing that is dumb, the “twist” is dumb, everything is dumb. It’s trying so hard to be campy but everything is just bad, bad lighting, bad sets, bad acting (ugh the lead…), bad costumes. It misses the mark in every category. There are two redeeming qualities, the girl who wanted to get possessed (and their “summoning” scene), and the short dude they got to play her boyfriend/stalker. The last thirty minutes are actually good but make no sense without the first hour, it’s just not worth it. This film is a hard pass, which is a disappointment because they actually have some pretty decent actors who fall flat because of the terrible the lead actress.

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